The original Joe Blo’ was a man named Joseph Bloor. He was one of the first contrarian, entrepreneurial geniuses of Toronto, and a true visionary. He bought many parcels of land including what we now call Yorkville. He also founded a brewery and today we have resurrected the Joseph Bloor vision with a line of beers worthy of the contrarian genius he was.

Joe Blo’ is a clear pale gold beer with a durable creamy white head. Clean aroma with hints of spiciness, this authentic Pilsner delivers a rich, pleasing, well-balanced taste. Medium bodied with a nice creamy texture, its mellow bitterness gives way to a clean and crisp finish.

Joe Blo’ Bohemian Pilsner is made the traditional way. Bohemian Pilsner malt, Saaz hops, yeast, with pure, naturally soft local water and a dash of audacity.

Even a contrarian would be impressed!